About North Queensland

North Queensland or the Northern Region is the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland that lies just south of Far North Queensland. Queensland is a massive state, larger than many countries, and the tropical northern part of it has been historically remote and undeveloped, resulting in a distinctive regional character and identity.

There is no official boundary that separates North Queensland from the rest of the state. Unofficially it is usually considered to have a southern border beginning south of the Mackay Region southern boundary, but historically it has been as far south as Rockhampton. To the north is the Far North Queensland region, centred on Cairns and out west is the Gulf Country.

Things To Do North Queensland

For the biggest line-up of natural blockbusters in one spot, set your sights on Tropical North Queensland. With the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics rainforest, waterfalls, gorges, and ridiculous levels of beauty its one of natures biggest overachievers.